Cocoa-heaven hot drink

Evening! I can’t resist posting this on a cold, blustery night when warming the cockles is the order of the day.

If you don’t want to load up on calories or send your blood sugar into overdrive, but need a soothing, warming, delicious drink, pop a spoonful of cocoa powder (organic, ideally but not essential – and NOT one of the ready-made ‘hot-chocolate’ drinks) into a mug. Pour boiled water into the mug, then sweeten with Agave nectar if you need to.

Sip and enjoy your antioxidant-packed, low cal, yet satisfyingly chocolatey drink. It’s particularly good when you’re flagging mid-afternoon and craving something sweet but are seeking a healthier alternative!



A warming way to start a winter’s day

Staying hydrated in the winter months can be tough, and there’s nothing better than a warming drink to brighten your spirits.

This ginger infusion will provide a boost to your body through hydration and is a great way to start your day (after your pint of water).

As well as the water in the infusion benefitting your skin, ginger is well documented to aid digestion, help nose and throat congestion, soothe gurgling guts, and according to Ayurvedic texts even gives you a boost in the bedroom!



Simply grate about an inch of root ginger (powdered ginger won’t do in this situation), and steep in water for 5 minutes. It’s worth noting that slicing doesn’t release the flavours as effectively as grating.

Strain and enjoy!