5 easy ways to maximise your enjoyment of exercise

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When life gets hectic, I know how hard it can be hard staying focussed on getting or staying fit. But you know how great you feel when you finish working out, so today I’d like to share 5 of my favourite tips to help you turn exercise into your friend rather than foe.

  1. Buddy Up. Exercising with a friend or relative is not only good fun – you are more likely to get up and out because you won’t want to let her down.
  2. Choose something you enjoy, and think of it as a treat. Whether I’m teaching or taking part, for me, going to classes offers an escape from the hullabaloo of family life and a chance for ‘me’ time. Dancing and music revives my soul and whatever mood I’m in, always makes me feel great. What about you?
  3. Find an instructor you like and trust. Whether she/he motivates you, helps you achieve your goals or is good fun and enjoys a laugh, like your instructor and you’re more likely to want to spend time with them week after week.
  4. Get into the habit. Exercise at the same time, same place, each week and you will eventually create a habit, which you won’t want to break! Booking your next session there and then will also motivate you even more.
  5. Ditch the guilt. So you missed a class because you finished work late, your boiler broke and you had to go food shopping. No point in stressing, just book into to the next session you can and you’ll feel fab!

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Top 5 Healthy Eating Mistakes

You know the benefits of a healthy diet, but are you making mistakes that are hindering you?

1:  Low fat or no fat means low calorie / good for you


The process of removing the fat also removes most of the flavour, so to make it taste good the easiest thing is to add sugar, flavourings, flvour enhancers and other toxins.  Furthermore a no fat diet can be very detrimental to your health as we need a variety good fats and oils for our body and mind to function well.  A no fat diet can lead to all sorts of problems including depression & joint problems.

2: “No added sugar” products are better for you.


Quite the opposite, most artificial sweeteners are far more damaging for your body than sugar.  Aspartame even damages the part of your brain that controls your appetite and will power; making you crave more (and more and more)  Aspartame is also the sweetener of choice in most diet drinks. Clever thinking on the part of the manufacturers but not so great if you’re trying to loose weight and control your cravings.

3: “No artificial sweeteners” means no added sugar .


Most products labelled this way contain large amounts of  sugar.

Sugar is classed as “natural” sweetener, no matter how processed it is.

4:  Jacket Potatoes/ pasta / fruit are good weight loss diet foods


Starchy carbs, (potatoes, rice, pasta) & most fruit all quickly convert to sugar while being digested.  This can be useful as an energy boost before a big race or after a hard training session; However in normal day to day life this excess sugar in your blood stream can be dangerous so the body removes it from the blood and stores it as fat; ready to burn off when we need more energy. However if we keep eating these foods without needing the energy burst, we will keep storing the excess as fat,  this can lead not only to weight gain  but also insulin sensitivity, and ultimately obesity and Diabetes.   

5: Cholesterol is bad for you


Like fat our body NEEDs cholesterol in order to function.

Like fat not all cholesterol is equal, there is good & bad fat and good & bad cholesterol, in fact the good (HDL) Cholesterol helps to get rid of the bad! (LDL)  So don’t worry about eating too many eggs or buying a special cholesterol reducing margarine.

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Many thanks to Fay Victoria Durrant for content for this article.

Why watercress helps you to maximise your workout


We all know that watercress is a superfood, but how can it help us in our quest for fitness?

According to a recent study*, eating just 85g (a small bag) two hours before you workout can help raise levels of important antioxidant vitamins in your body to limit the build up of damaging free-radicals in your DNA – in other words it helps your body to cope with the demands of exercise, and recover more quickly. 

The study found that there were no cumulative effects of eating your greens – so if you eat a bag right now and workout in a couple of hours, your body will reap the rewards. 

So whether you’re an elite athlete or simply exercising your health, go green and add some watercress into your life. 



ImageWhy not try this delicious smoothie recipe for a real boost. The recipe makes 500ml – enough for about 3 glasses:

75g watercress

3 x celery sticks with leaves

1 medium (200g) apple 

1 x 100g avocado 

Pinch of salt

Juice the watercress, celery and apple. Remove the skin and stone form the avocado. Blend the juice and avocado together until smooth. Pour into glasses and serve fresh! 





*Source: Edinburgh Napier University (2012, April 25). Leafy greens help prevent damage caused by a workout, study suggests. ScienceDaily