Choosing your fitness activities

Good morning! Here is the next, and most fun part of “Planning you way to Fitness” – it’s time to list everything you’ve researched and make some choices about what you’re going to try so that you have all the information you need to put a timetable together. Read on…

3. List your options

Now you need to create a list or pile of ‘potentials’ – that is, things you think you might enjoy, that are the right price, or jump out as fitting in with your busy schedule. Add or highlight contact emails / phone numbers in readiness for Step 4. Ditch things that don’t work for you – the ones that cost too much, the ones that aren’t perhaps quite your cup of tea, the ones which you know you won’t be able to get to because of other commitments. The fun’s about to begin, and you are about to get active as you head to Step 4…

4. Try before you buy

Now it’s time to try some activities out to help you make your decision about what you’ll be adding to your first timetable! Refer to your list of numbers, and get on the phone to book some trial sessions. Very often you can have your first session free to see if it’s you. If it’s not clear on the promotional material, it’s always worth an ask. Instructors are keen to have new people on their books all the time and are more than willing to let you come and have a try! If it’s not on the promotional material don’t forget to ask them what you should bring to class, what you can expect, whether they have space at the moment if you wanted to attend regularly, how they like to be paid, and any other burning questions you can think of! Realistically, you can expect to take two to three weeks in this stage of your prep. When you’ve tried everything, and found out about availability, you will be armed with all the knowledge you need to create your very own fitness timetable, and well on the way to the new and healthy you.

Good luck!

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