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It’s always good to know what other people have to say about a product, service or business. So here are some testimonials to give you a taste of The Fitness Boutique’s latest package – with more coming soon!

Here’s some of the fabulous feedback from clients who took part in the Delicious December Detox!:

  • “Yay! I’ve lost 5lb and I am over the moon. This has been a real education and something I am going to continue. Thank you thank you.” Millie
  • “It’s been a long week work wise but am thouroughly enjoying the food and workouts too. I’ve never not felt peckish between meals before and these recipes are so sustaining that I’m ploughing on through without even noticing the time. As for the workouts, well you are so full of encouragement and its quick and fun to do!” Celia
  • “Awesome work out – and I didn’t feel as silly as I thought I would, doing it in my sitting room…Popped the laptop on the mantle piece and cracked on!! I listened to the ‘Groove is in the Heart’ playlist as I got changed and got set up and that defo got me in the right frame of mind! Thanks Sophie :).” Hana
  • “I ate healthily over the weekend and started detox on Monday and have to say feeling great – healthier, lighter and generally more energy, which is great considering I am getting around 5 hours sleep at the moment. Thanks Sophie. Have been recommending your detox to all my friends & family, so you may have some new recruits for the next one x” Georgie
  • “Sophie’s apricot & lamb casserole, I slow-cooked it & it’s just fallen off the bone, all melting & delicious! My 1 year old daughter has scoffed some with gusto, I can’t wait for my turn later” Lindsey
  • “Thank you to everyone in the group for their support and encouragement. I feel ready to deal with Christmas. I’m not eating so much food, I feel fit, healthy, my blood sugar seems to have settled. Sometimes you just need that re-enforcement. Thank you, Sophie.” Caroline
  • “For the full 9 months of my last pregnancy (and even one more post-natally!) I suffered from severe pregnancy sickness, or to use its full name, hyperemesis gravidarum. (cont/d…)

(…cont/d) Prior to this, I had a healthy diet & good relationship with food. But the constant vomiting day & night really ruined that relationship & a year later, I was still finding it very difficult to get my food mojo back.

This was having a longer term effect on my health & I still felt that my body was hugely depleted. My skin was grey & tired, I wasn’t sleeping well, was more susceptible to illness, my energy levels were low & my confidence was lacking. I was stuck in a food rut & worried my young family were going to end up stuck alongside me.

Then among came Sophie with her Delicious December Detox!

Simple, nutritious menus complete with – blissfully for a busy mum! – full shopping lists. As I read through the first week I felt relieved that this would be achievable & excited that it would also be so tasty!

No crazy ingredients. No impossibly difficult recipes. Even the odd treat. My type of plan!

As one who needed a gallon of tea to function (or so I thought) I was anxious about the no caffeine aspect. But with support from Sophie & my fellow detoxers & the discovery of Rooibosh tea-I did it! What’s more, so great were the benefits, that I will keep on doing it.

And that’s the beauty of the plan. You see & feel such improvements so quickly that you genuinely want to keep at it. It very quickly becomes a way of life & making positive food choices is so empowering.

My skin is no longer ashen, my energy levels are boosted & my body & mind are back in balance. There is no guilt attached to indulging in the odd treat, because my diet feels so clean now. I didn’t sign up to lose weight, but the fact that my jeans are sitting looser is a certainly a welcome bonus!

Unfortunately, the detox coincided with a cold & heavy chest infection for me. So I haven’t been able to participate in the fabulous exercise videos that Sophie has been posting. But as soon as my chest clears, I’m there!

I was blown away by Sophie’s commitment to her detoxers – she has been a huge support & has guided us through this plan with expertise, good humour & grace. The plan has been thoughtfully put together & the effort that Sophie put in to making daily workout videos was inspiring.

The Facebook group set up for us by Sophie has been the icing on the cake, fun & supportive, it’s kept me on the straight & narrow if I wobbled!

Without doubt, this has been the best thing I have done for my health this year. It has set back me on the path of healthy eating & increased my nutritional knowledge.

Most importantly of all, I’ve got my mojo back.

Sophie, I’m so grateful to you for helping me to heal what had become a difficult relationship with food.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Lindsey



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