Delicious Detox 2016

iStock_000020094985XSmallThe Delicious Detox returns!

After a hiatus, that’s seen me travelling about all over the place DJing and singing, the delicious detox returns – by popular demand!!


Throughout the time with my focus on my music, I’ve continued creating recipes, and posting them to the Fitness Boutique’s facebook page. And through this time lots of you have been asking me when I’ll do another detox. Well, the time is now. January is a month in which I like to regain my focus, in particular wellbeing, and so because of the fun and astounding results we’ve had before, and the fact that I LOVE to encourage and inspire healthy living, the doors to the Delicious Detox 2016 are now open – and YOU are welcome!

What I realise is that the two most powerful things you enjoyed were the accountability, and the support you all benefitted from in the group. Yes, the recipes rocked, and yes you saw amazing results, but without the group, it’s been tough to maintain at times, especially at this time of year, and many of you would like a reminder to help you get back on track!

If you’re new to the Delicious Detox, let me tell you a little more – I launched the Delicious Detox to meet the need for support in regaining or starting a healthier life a couple of years ago, and was joined by friends and clients from across the UK. In just two short weeks, they achieved some amazing results – not only in weightloss, but also in energy levels, skin, clothes feeling good and increased confidence – not least the compliments! Some were even life-changing. Read our ‘Testimonials’ page here to see what participants experienced during the programme as well as their results.

The idea was to go about ‘detoxing’ in a way that didn’t leave you feeling bereft of delicious, nutritious food. In fact, it was about providing information and education about how to put together great recipes filled with flavour that also gives your health a boost, too.

As well as being passionate about healthy living and clean eating, and having seen it’s benefits first hand, I am also a trained Nutrition and Weight Management advisor – so you are in good hands. This programme is a delicious and nutritious detox aimed at kicking bad habits to the curb and setting you off on a healthier path, one that will leave you feeling great, nourished, and if you work hard, looking trimmer, too. The recipes are delicious and all the family can enjoy them.

So how does a delicious detox work? For the two weeks, we’re going to totally ditch caffeine, refined sugars alcohol and processed foods. We’re going to eat fabulous, healthy, home-cooked food that is delicious, quick and easy to prepare, and locally sourced.

No caffeine? No alcohol? I hear you cry! YES!!! You can do this!!! Fourteen tiny days, and your body will thank you. After all, who won’t have over-indulged over the festive season?

I’m also going to be recommending workouts to kick start your metabolism, boost your mood, and also relax you – there are so many great resources on the web – you just need to know where to find them. But if you simply want to join for the nutrition element (as many people do) because you can’t do the physical side, well, you’ll benefit too.

During the 14 days, I will be introducing you, and reminding you of fantastic healthy recipes, menus and strategies for taking your new healthy lifestyle forward in a realistic and sustainable way so that you don’t feel like you’re missing out but maintain the health-kick.

To help us work around those difficult to manage cravings, and because we’re cool enough to know that a little of what you fancy equals a far more rounded and happy life, we’ll have a little of what we fancy with cheat meals at certain points during the programme as well.

By the end of the two weeks, you’ll feel happy and confident that you have started your New Year with a great set of skills to set you off on a path to a healthy, clean eating lifestyle which will benefit your mind, body, and leave you feeling satisfied, yet trimmer, and full of energy.

And if you’re a busy person, this will suit you down to the ground – I give you shopping lists, a meal planner, advice on cooking if you need it, and guidance on where to find quick yet super-effective workouts. Together as group we motivate, support and share in our successes – with a good dose of humour, too!

So here’s the offer:

A 14-day delicious detox for 2016 will include:

  • Preparation guidance to help get you ready – fondly known as the ‘pretox’
  • Shopping lists so you have the right food in the fridge and cupboard
  • Daily meal plans with recipe suggestions
  • Motivation and support through a SECRET Facebook group
  • Guidance on finding your exercise mojo to get you moving!

The programme will runs Monday 18th January-Sunday 31st Jan 2016.

Buy this in December at the introductory offer price of £20 for 14 days (plus .68p transaction charge)


To take part, you will need a Facebook account, and access to a laptop or smartphone that you can watch Youtube videos on.For maximum results, you will need:

  • A space where you can do the workouts
  • The desire to try something out of your comfort zone, knowing that you will be guided every step of the way
  • To be willing to cut caffeine, refined sugars, alcohol and processed foods
  • A positive attitude
  • To agree to working out more than you have been til now

What I hope this programme will gift to you:

  • Glowing skin
  • Weight and inch loss
  • A more toned body
  • A sense of feeling in control of your eating, and of knowing what healthy choices you can make in your diet
  • Rebalanced hormones to help you to jump off the blood-sugar rollercoaster
  • More energy and confidence

The aim is no hunger, delicious food, an opportunity to melt away the season’s excesses with guidance from me all the way, motivation and support, and skills to take away with you at the end. And not a calorie count in sight! Oh, and a good dash of good humour, too.

I’d like to measure effectiveness through stats and photos, which can all be done privately and I won’t share them publicly unless you are happy for me to do so. This is a VERY important tool for your accountability too – so you can measure your progress.

This is a safe, easy-to manage programme that you will get a lot out of, as well as see results from. So come and join the party and let’s see what we can do in 14 uplifting, positive and festive days in the come-down after Christmas and to kick start your New Year the right way.

To secure your place on The Delicious Detox 2016, ‘Buy Now’ by clicking on the ‘BUY NOW text below. It will take you to a Paypal link where you can either pay with Paypal, or use a credit card.





After purchasing, you will receive a welcome email which contains all the information you need to get started. The Facebook group will open on Wednesday 13th January to give you plenty of time to review the shopping lists and menus and get prepared for kick off on Monday 18th January.

Look forward to seeing you in the group!


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