Fun ways to get active which are good for the soul!

1. Pick three of your favourite upbeat tunes (radio edits are usually three-ish minutes long), put them on the stereo, and dance with wild abandon, three times a day. The powerful combination of your favourite music and exercise will help release your endorphins which induce a feeling of wellbeing.

2. Ditch the car, wrap up warm, and go for a brisk walk for 30 minutes. It’s cheaper than driving and parking, better for the environment, will get your heart working, and will clear the cobwebs out.

3. Take the kids to the park and kick a ball around with them. Bonding time with your children will make you feel good, and being regularly active will help to instil healthy habits in your little ones while they’re young.

4. Go for a long brisk walk with a good friend. It’s more motivating to exercise with someone, it’s good for the soul to spend time with someone you care for, and you can always reward yourself at the end with a treat (roasty on a Sunday, anyone?!).

5. Clean the house. Clear everyone out of the way, turn your favourite music up on the stereo and go for it! It’s easy to clock up your 30 minutes in a frenzy of dusting, tidying and hoovering. Make sure when you’re bending down you bend at the hips and knees, and think tall and proud with your posture – chest lifted, shoulders back, tummy engaged.  You’ll feel glowing, and very zen in your beautifully loved and tidy home.

6. Go out dancing. Whether it’s a dance class, a dance-based exercise class, or to a club or bar where you can let rip on the dancefloor, there’s no better way to forget your cares. If you go with a friend or partner, it’s a great way to have some bonding time too.

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