Plan your way to fitness

Feeling sluggish after an over-indulgent Christmas? Made a resolution to get healthy this year? Then here’s a simple step by step plan to help get you organised.

I can personally vouch for it! I was feeling low, grumpy, overweight, tired, and demotivated when I created it. After the planning, within 6 weeks I had lost some weight, was feeling happier, and was enjoying some valuable time to myself. I was not the only one to benefit – the rest of the family were able to enjoy a much calmer and contented me (most days!), too.

By following this plan, you can start to take control of your wellbeing and taking positive steps to a healthy new you! So what are you waiting for?

1. Plan your exercise budget.   

The very first thing to do. Work out a weekly/monthly budget for exercise/wellbeing. Be realistic! Once you have a figure in mind then you can choose your exercise options are and create your timetable – and don’t forget, group exercise classes are an affordable, fun, and social way of getting and staying fit. You are now ready for Step 2 – Research.

2. Research options in your local area. 

Now your aim is to gather as much information as possible about what’s on close by that you might enjoy, so get out there and start researching! Tap into your own personal resource – your friends! If they are enjoying a particular class, or activity, there’s a chance you will, too. Online, Google’s the obvious first port of call, a new site is a good one to try, and the sites for mums often have listings for classes. Don’t forget to check out your local gyms, and look out for flyers around your town – in cafe’s, at the library, bookshops, post office and supermarket in your search. Make a list / pile of everything you find in preparation for Step 3 – Listing, which I’ll post later this week…

Good luck and have fun!


2 thoughts on “Plan your way to fitness”

  • Is swing the same as lindy hop – someone at BT adastral park is doing classes in that and I am hoping to go – dodgy knees allowing. Its all my own fault I led Ipswich ladies netball teams intwo hours of zumba yesterday and I was showing off how fit I was ……hmmm….. a very faded fitness Queen shuffled out fo bed this morning on overworked pins!!!!!!

    • Basically swing is lindy hop, yes (along with a multitude of other dances), although the “Swing me Fit” class is aerobic and dance style exercises rather than pure dance, and is also unpartnered.

      I’m sure with the right shoes and good technique you’ll be able to cope with swing / lindy hop dance classes – they sound fun!

      As an aside, I must just say that you inspired me to take my ETM qualification as I love the fact that your classes are underpinned with proper knowledge of safe and highly effective exercise technique on top of the aerobic/dance moves. It’s something I aim to achieve with mine. Once I’ve got more up and running I’ll let you know – love you to come and try it out if you get a chance!

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