Ready, steady, GO!

Afternoon! Just checking in to see how your search for enjoyable fitness classes or activities in your local area is going? Have you started it yet? If not, why not!

This is a great week – it’s the first full week the kids are back at school, everyone’s back at work, and the gyms and exercise instructors in your area are looking for people like you to get involved in kick starting your new year with some fun fitness! There will be plenty of incentives and special offers running, so make the most of it. Energy may have slumped over the festive season, but it’s also running high as we prepare to get into gear and freshen up in readiness for Springtime.

Yes, the nights are still dark, but regular exercise will boost your mood and get those happy hormones coursing round your body – just what’s needed at this time of year!

So make the most of it, and seek out some fab activities in your local area by following the suggestions here because later in the week, we’ll be on to the next, and most fun bit of planning your way to fitness!

Until then!


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