How to be smart throughout the Festive season

Argh! Christmas is just 6 weeks away today, so on this firework night, let’s light the touchpaper and get thinking about how we can positively manage the festive season to stay feeling trim, full of energy, and looking and feeling great.

1)  Drink water.
Obvious, I know, but I also know how hard it is when the wine and cocktails are flowing to keep drinking water. To help myself out, I like drinking mine still with ice and slice of citrus, or sparkling in a cocktail glass. No-one notices once the evening’s in full flow and your body and skin are seriously going to thank you.

2) Eat dinner before you go out.
Of course, if it’s a sit-down dinner, don’t. But eating a healthy and nutritious dinner before you go out to a ‘do’ with canapes will stop you from gorging on the delicious-but-no-doubt-fried-and-full-of-fat snacks. The trick is not to then gorge on canapes as well as dinner! Trust me, I know this is hard – ask my friends, my capacity for eating catering teams out of house and home is well-known, but resist, and you’ll feel fab for it (and slightly smug).

3) Choose a treat meal/night out a week.
Whether it’s the amazing canapes here, or the fabulous dinner to be served up by your friend there, or a boozy night out with friends, choose the one event where you’re going to let your hair down and fully enjoy what’s on offer.

4) Stick to your regular exercise regime.
As much as you are able to, ringfence your workouts to ensure you’re maintaining your fitness levels to keep your energy expenditure up. Just as you get fitter with more exercise, the effects reverse when you don’t go, so keep fit by keeping going!

5) Be smart with your choices.
I think I can conclude here that you don’t have to wear a halo throughout the festive season, after all that would be too boring. But know your limits and keep your wellbeing in check by making the right choices with meals and snacks so the food you eat doesn’t sap your energy. Don’t overdo it on the booze. Drink water. Keep your body moving and energised regularly. Spend time with the people you love and who care about you, or revel in the peace of spending time solo. Be positive and kind. Say ‘no’ when you need to. Lastly, and most importantly enjoy the festive season whatever shape it takes for you!

See you soon!


3 thoughts on “How to be smart throughout the Festive season”

  • Definitely. I find having litre bottle of water on my desk, or in my bag when I’m out and about is a good way of helping stay aware of how much I’m drinking. Right now, I’m drinking a warming ginger infusion, which is a satisfying way to stay hydrated – infuse some fresh grated ginger into a cup with some boiling water for 5 mins, strain, and enjoy. Fresh mint is also delicious – and both are great at this time of year when, like you say, cold water doesn’t necessarily appeal! 🙂

  • Good advice. For me, the important thing will be to keep up the exercise, even when it’s dark, wet and cold out there. Then I choose to eat better and I won’t worry about the odd bad food/drink choices here and there.

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