Why watercress helps you to maximise your workout


We all know that watercress is a superfood, but how can it help us in our quest for fitness?

According to a recent study*, eating just 85g (a small bag) two hours before you workout can help raise levels of important antioxidant vitamins in your body to limit the build up of damaging free-radicals in your DNA – in other words it helps your body to cope with the demands of exercise, and recover more quickly. 

The study found that there were no cumulative effects of eating your greens – so if you eat a bag right now and workout in a couple of hours, your body will reap the rewards. 

So whether you’re an elite athlete or simply exercising your health, go green and add some watercress into your life. 



ImageWhy not try this delicious smoothie recipe for a real boost. The recipe makes 500ml – enough for about 3 glasses:

75g watercress

3 x celery sticks with leaves

1 medium (200g) apple 

1 x 100g avocado 

Pinch of salt

Juice the watercress, celery and apple. Remove the skin and stone form the avocado. Blend the juice and avocado together until smooth. Pour into glasses and serve fresh! 





*Source: Edinburgh Napier University (2012, April 25). Leafy greens help prevent damage caused by a workout, study suggests. ScienceDaily

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